Have I been a good teacher?

    Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t intend to begin my blog with this title. There are times I ask myself if I have been a good teacher in all my 12 years, almost ten in private schools and two and counting in public school.  I’m sure for those who are also teaching would most likely ask the same question.

Have I been a good teacher?

I don’t know.  There were times I got frustrated with my pupils’ low scores in quizzes or their questions about what to do during an activity. After explaining to the class what to do, some of them would tell me to repeat what I said earlier. Aren’t they listening?

I could not help but blame myself sometimes for those low points in my career. Maybe I went too fast when talking, maybe I was too strict or too kind to them.

I still continue to encounter these moments with my students in the public school.  Looking back, I did not recall getting annoyed by students begging me to repeat what I said.

That is why during our first ED203 session with Mrs. Rita Atienza, I realized that I have to do “philosophizing” about this nagging question.

As far as I’m concerned, I still maintain good relationship with my former pupils, even through Facebook, where they would click ‘Like’ to whatever I post, or comment on my status.

But do these make me a good teacher?

 A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. – by Adams, Henry Brooks.

Right now, I don’t know. I’m not even sure if I have touched their lives with my “nuggets of wisdom” or with my incidental teaching where I, sometimes would deliver a long sermon on the importance of paying attention to their studies.

Well, they’re still young.  Maybe I somehow did. I hope I did.  Maybe I still do make a good impression on them.  Hopefully, to my present and future students, I could be a good influence to them.


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