What makes a good teacher?

When I began my blog with a title that somehow revealed how unsure I am with my performance as a teacher, I kinda regretted that.  But I decided to stick with that, not deleting my entry because I know I just wrote down what I really feel about my sentiments (or whatever) for my students.  At that point of my 12 years in the teaching force, I look back and reminisce whatever career highlight I had, I am wondering if my teaching style or my way with the children yield positive results. Well, I don’t know.  Maybe in eight more years, I might bump into my former student who would turn out to be a successful businessman, nurse, teacher, etc.

With this, I have another question to ask: What makes a good teacher?

That is a tough question.  If I might ask my ED203 classmates about it, they’ll come up with many and varied answers.  So do I. I have many ideas in mind but of course, there might be some that my fellow teachers would agree, and some don’t.

I read a blog tackling the same question I posted. Might it be okay to post portions from it?

Feel free to react.  Here goes…

Here are some responses from a Twitter question posted by getintoteaching@wordpress.com:

  • One who can spot each individual child’s areas of excellence, and encourage them in those areas, rather than expecting them to excel at every subject.
  • a good sense of humour
  • a good teacher is kind, is generous, listens to you, encourages you, has faith in you, keeps confidences, likes teaching children, likes teaching their subject, takes time to explain things, helps you when you’re stuck, tells you how you are doing, allows you to have your say, doesn’t give up on you, cares for your opinion, makes you feel clever, treats people equally, stands up for you, makes allowances, tells the truth and is forgiving
  • patience and adaptability
  • a calm, caring nature and lots of patience
  • a passion for making a difference to the lives and development of children
  • being able to think on their feet, adapt and be open to constructive criticism. Being a good team worker. Having a sense of humour. Being imaginative and able to differentiate with ease. Being firm but approachable. Being able to work on minimal amounts of sleep and not minding giving up their weekend. Wanting to make a difference. Being able to persevere. Being understanding.
  • rapport, empathy, your passion, creativity that inspires teachers as well as a sound knowledge of your chosen subject!
  • a good teacher is somebody who learns more everyday. Someone who adapts and reinvents their practice all the time. Someone who doesn’t think that having a top degree or being super qualified makes them any better or more knowledgable than anyone else.
  • Enthusiasm for subject and students, as well as valuable on hand experience in school.

(taken from getintoteaching.wordpress.com. accessed 09/16/2012)

How about you? Can you add some more?



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