Travails of a Grade Three Teacher…and Grade Level Chairman…and All-Around Help… : ( :)

I been out of this universe for months!

I have been planning to resume my blog since June, but since I was adjusting to my additional responsibility, I couldn’t start writing right away.

Four months into my stint as grade three chairman, I could say that I’m a work in progress. (yabang no?)

Being a classroom teacher/class adviser is tough, what more if you are the grade three chairman?

You deal with 50+ students. You deal with a principal, assistant to the principal, to the other 48 colleagues, not to mention to six fellow grade level teachers.

We are now reviewing NAT (National Achievement Test) with the students, dealing with the slow and non readers in English (thru remedial program), dealing with the paper works demanded from the superiors in school, division level and regional level, and…oh, yes! Journalism! I also have Journalism to deal with. I, together with my co-teacher and SPA, train and supervise our young campus journalists – from grammar to actual news gathering and writing articles, to hopefully putting up our maiden school paper issue. (Fingers crossed)

As a grade level chair, I have to inform my fellow teachers regarding memos from the Division and NCR, reminder from our principal, etc, etc… The last two months were my struggling, tiring moments because I had to contend / argue with their stubbornness and egos over deadlines, memo, reminders, and other problems confronting our learners. I got to learn more of my colleagues because of that. And I learned that it’s no picnic being the leader.

As a class adviser, since being the Grade Level chairman, I also handle the highest section in the level. Grade Three Sincerity. One word to describe them? NOISY!

I also teach sections four, five and six. I teach English, Filipino, Sibika and Character Education.Imagex

I’m glad I’m given the opportunity to teach the highest section, though it’s not a homogenous batch. A sprinkle of mischiefs were in my class (they came from the lowest section, they were included in the master list so as to disperse (my word) these mischievous kids throughout all six sections…great! The upside is that in my own class, I could deal with them, give them more attention come class remedial time. In the real remedial class, they are still there, hopefully, they would be able to learn faster and better than the rest (not that I only wished my own pupils to succeed).

I always wish every day’s a better day for me and my pupils and their family. Even at my age, I’m still optimistic, and an idealist.

I have a dream that my pupils someday will be better citizens of this country and the world.

That is the dream of a Grade Three teacher, a Grade Level Chairman, and All-Around Help.


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